Parenting tips

Attachment Parenting

Part 1 of 2.

It is a style of parenting that believes in the following ideals:

  1. Preparation for childbirth

    Creating a positive birthing experience for you and your baby through prenatal preparation.

  2. Emotional responsiveness

    Understanding and responding to your baby. How does your baby communicate with you the first few months of his life? Through his cries. By responding immediately and sensitively to your babies cries he learns to trust in you and the world. Studies show that babies who are not allowed to "cry it out" grow up to be independent and secure adults.

  3. Breastfeeding your baby

    Through breastfeeding an infant's need for optimum nutrition and physical contact is met. But even mothers who bottle-feed their babies can still practice attachment parenting by using breastfeeding behavior. This means holding your baby when feeding, talking to your baby and changing positions during the feeding.

  4. Baby Wearing and Nurturing Touch

    Wearing your baby by holding her in your arms or by using carriers that keep your baby close to your heart. This practice meets your baby's need for physical contact, security, stimulation and movement, therefore promoting optimal intellectual and emotional development.

  5. Use Positive discipline

    This means using positive, non-violent methods of discipline and loving guidance that promote the development of self-control and empathy towards others.